The new battlefield

We used an example in A more feasible proposal. We assumed that Romania and Bulgaria may refuse to participate in the Balkans & East Med Region. We did it for the sake of example. In reality the big problem is Greece. In Greece, voters were given many promises regarding participation in EU that proved to be lies or wrong. They were promised economic prosperity and equality among EU countries. Germany and France to a lesser extend have enslaved the country. In 2015 Referendum, Greeks voted against Memorandums which as EU made very clear would mean Grexit. The result was 61,3% NO and 38,7% YES.

Ultraglobalists’ puppets in Greece switched the result and ended up doing the opposite of what voters have decided. Ultraglobalists adore these methods. They are democratic on the outside and fascist inside. If the Referendum result was followed, Greece would be out of EU, since 2015. Most people, even some of those who voted YES, are very angry with the totally undemocratic way things were handled by ultraglobalists.

Greece is an ultraglobalist stronghold in the establishment. Voters favor altglobalization as is the case in most Western countries. It is a member of EU since 1981. It became the 10th member in 1981. It’s been almost forty years since 1981. In this time Berlin, Paris and Brussels have infiltrated everywhere. They have puppets everywhere. Politicians, media owners, journalists, businesspeople are their puppets. EU’s budget is 150 billion euros. It is nothing for them to throw a few millions for bribery. It was much easier to do it in Greece than in UK because it is a weak and small country.

In the Balkans - East Med Region is important though. It is not an ex-communist and up until the crisis, it was the richest in Balkans and still is among the richest. It is connecting Balkans and East Med because it is in the middle of the Region. The Balkan East Med Region will slightly resemble Byzantium and Greeks claim more than others to descent from Byzantines. The language in Byzantium was Greek and the official religion Greek Orthodox. Without Greece, there can be no Balkan - East Med Region. Once Greece is liberated from European yoke, most countries will probably participate.

Altglobalists are not a solid camp like ultraglobalists. They are a motley alliance. We have Trump, Johnson, Putin, Erdogan that are altglobalists. These countries have very strong armies. USA is number 1 and Russia in number 2 or 3. UK is around number 7 and Turkey around number 10. Off course they have big differences among them but a mutual benefit agreement at the expense of EU is not impossible.

EU is an ultraglobalists stronghold. EU’s weak spot is Eastern Europe and especially Southeastern. Now Greece is in the hands of ultraglobalists. Once altglobalists seize control, they will control all Balkan - East Med region and that may be the beginning of a sweeping victory against ultraglobalists. Greece could be the next battlefield in the near future.

Off course, it will not start by military means. In the end, EU ultraglobalists can’t win with the World’s strongest armies against them. It doesn’t have to come to a war. Even the possibility of a war may have a result. Ultraglobalists will realize that they can’t win this one and they may surrender, forget their agenda and agree on an alternative globalization option.

We can’t be certain who the next US president will be. It is the tradition that most presidents serve a second term. There have been only very few exceptions. Most likely Trump will be the next President but it is not certain. Because elections are coming up very soon, he is extremely cautious now. He does not want to do anything that may jeopardize his chances of being reelected. He is doing only things that are certain that will have a positive impact. We do not speak with Trump but that is what people in their right minds would do. Once he gets re-elected he can take more chances. He knows that this will be his last term because US presidents serve only two terms.

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