The case of Greece

What do American, British and Greek voters have in common? They all rejected current globalization. We want to make it clear. Some of them reject any globalization but most are opposed to this catastrophic globalization and would welcome an alternative proposal. British voters perceived that there is something very wrong with this European Union. They may have not voted for Brexit if EU was different.

Greek voters realized that their economic problems are not solved under current circumstances and the situation does not get any better. They chose the path of fixing their problems even at the cost of leaving Eurozone and European Union and that is what they voted in the Referendum (July 2015). Unlike Great Britain, Greece is a pseudo-democracy, controlled by Ultra-globalists. That is why the decision of Greek people was never followed.

EU is an experiment. When the experiment is finished, the model will be implemented to form African, American and Asian Union under a World fascist regime. On the surface it may seem that democracy exists. If someone looks a little more careful under the surface, he would see clearly that it is not. According to one opinion, Greece was a smaller experiment within the European experiment.

Ultra-globalists tested how they can enslave and control a country and succeeded. Why did they choose Greece and not some other country? It had to be a member of not only EU but Eurozone as well. Ultra-globalists have more control over Eurozone countries. The smaller a country, the easiest it is for them to control it. Greece is not the smallest but it had one of the weakest economies and that was very helpful. In addition, Germans and ultra-globalists, EU’s bosses, strongly dislike Greeks since World War II because they resisted to Third Reich and European Unification under Hitler. Also Greek politicians are extremely corrupt and can very easily be bought off. Many among them are members of the vicious global cabal.

EU and globalization are closely related because they are about the same issues. EU is the most advanced example of integration and a monumental failure. To be precise there are very many flaws in this EU. Perhaps they could be fixed but it does not seem that there is the will or the ability to turn things around. It is likely that European Union will follow the path of Soviet Union. Examining EU should interest not only EU citizens but everyone in this world because they can draw conclusions about what globalization would be like.

Also Greece is a very special case in EU. It is not the only country in EU with big problems. It is the worst case because the governments that ruled for several decades were the worst of all European governments. The corrupt and incompetent governments that brought the country to ruins and caused a major European and international problem, were strongly supported by Brussels, Berlin, Paris.

European political establishment still strongly supports this ring of liars, thieves, criminals, traitors, conspirators, terminators and assists them in every possible way in their effort so that they can complete the destruction of the country and achieve the total pauperization of the Greek population. Greece is an interesting case study of the big damage that can be caused in a country’s economy by ultra-globalization forces. Therefore it should interest every citizen of this world.

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