Fifth Way

Fifth Way

Fifth way is anti-ideological and pan-ideological at the same time. Anti-ideological because it rejects all current ideologies as failures. Pan-ideological because it uses elements from all existing ideologies. Most ideologies are dogmatic and have boundaries. Fifth way is against dogmatism and has no boundaries. There are only goals, means and priorities.

Center-left favors high taxes and decrline in income inequality. Center-right supports low taxes and doesn’t care about income inequality. Fifty way promotes low taxes and reduction in income inequality. No ideology has such a position.

The best policies are determined by time and place. What is suitable now in a certain country, may not be suitable in the future if conditions change. What is suitable in one country may not be suitable in another that faces a different situation.

Theories are very helpful to understand reality but should never be taken for real. Each situation is unique and requires a unique approach. Theories can not describe all situations that are infinite. Theoretical and mathematical models omit many parameters. These may end up being significant. A theoretical approach is a mistake that very often some smart people do and may have disastrous results. Always keep theories in mind but never lose sight of reality.

Appropriate income distribution will be determined by the voters in each country. Furthermore, Fifth way may have a right and a left version. Those can be differentiated not only by the goals but also the means and the priorities they set.

Fifth way likes small governments but which is the optimal size? The smallest possible that can accommodate other goals. It is a balancing act. The goals are described in economic success; high GDP per capita (ppp), lower income differences, low unemployment, low taxes, small public sector. No citizen should live in absolute poverty. All citizens should have access to satisfactory education and health services. In addition, welfare should be considered which is a broader notion.

Tools to achieve goals can be borrowed from any ideology, as far as they work, from far left to far right. “No boundaries” is emphasized. Some proposals were made, like co-entrepreneurship, remote work nets, shorter working weeks, co-franchising, parallel systems. These are not all possible options. The options are infinite and can not be described because the circumstances are infinite. These are only a few guide lines that could be complemented with more.

What is important is to set goals and priorities and then look for the best ways to achieve those without having any boundaries, dogmatic or theoretical thinking. A political or an economic theory is not an end in itself. These are many smart and capable people on this planet. These are the obstacles that prevent people with good intentions from doing the right thing. Unfortunately, not all people have good intentions. There is a lot of deception, propaganda, exploitation and oppression.

Fifth way strongly encourages people to form their own beliefs and steer away from can-ideologies. An ideology is a package of positions in different issues. A party’s program is even more specific. Voters should have their preferences but they should never agree with all points.

They should determine their own views in every matter instead of accepting blindly what the ideology or the party suggests. They should always make sure that the party they vote for, best represents their interests. Of course, it is not possible to have a party that completely matches someone’s beliefs and interests. Otherwise we should have one party for every single person.

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