An alternative to EU

The possibilities of an alternative globalization are endless. What should by all means be avoided is ultraglobalists’ agenda. They all have the same final destination, creation of European, American, Asian, African Union under a World fascist regime. In A Pentarchy and A more interesting proposal we examined some neat theoretical examples that are definitely much much better than the division of the World into continents that ultraglobalists want. These would have to be agreed at a top global level. There is a very good chance that such thing will not happen. Then what?

In practical terms, altglobalists will have to do whatever is possible. In A more feasible proposal we stated that the bloc should proceed with the countries that are interested. Now ultraglobalists control almost all Europe. The only exception is UK and a few small Balkan countries that are not members yet. There was a time in World War II that Hitler controlled all Europe. That changed. It has to change now too. When ultraglobalists control all the continent, this makes them stronger. Altglobalists should have a bloc of their own much different than EU. They should control as much of the European continent as possible but it can extend to other parts of the world. The focus is in Europe like in World War II.

What one country can do, once they see that things are not going the way they like in EU, is to leave. That is what UK did. A country has full control of doing that. Anything else, will have to be a co-decision of all 27 members. So far, the choice that a country had is to either stay in EU or leave EU and be on its own. That is why in most countries exit was less popular than remain. Nonetheless, most Europeans would want EU to be different. If they are given a better choice, they will probably prefer it. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT AN ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIC BLOC OF INDEPENDENT NATIONS WILL BE FORMED. Many EU members will want to join. In this way they will have their independence and at the same time some benefits from belonging in an economic bloc.

Without a new bloc, it will be very hard to convince most countries to exit. With a new economic bloc, it will be relatively easy for some of them. Let’s take a common every day situation that will make this better understood. A guy has a relationship with a girl and he is not happy with it. They have fights, they do not have a good time together, sex is not that great anymore. He stays with her because nothing else is on sight. When something interesting comes, he dumps her without a second thought. It could be the other way around, a girl dumping a guy or they could both be from the same sex.

In some issues regarding EU, French are among the least satisfied. In France, they realize that current situation has to change. There are two opposing directions they can take. One is more European integration and the other is Frexit. Macron supports the first. Macron is an ultraglobalist but not all French are. He only had 24% in the first round. Macron has one vote in EU. There are other 27 countries and even one can veto a decision. 

Italy has some big issues with EU, not only economic but other such as migration. They are also among the least satisfied. Others that are not satisfied are the Greeks. The first two parties in Italy are probably in the alt-globalization camp. It is very likely that they will prefer an alternative economic bloc.

The founding members of EU were six, BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), Italy, France and West Germany. They signed a Treaty in Rome, in 1957. Among the six, Italy, France and Germany are the big economies that participate in G7. BeNeLux are smaller economies. Denmanrk, UK and Ireland were in the first enlargement in 1973 and Greece was the 10th member in 1981. 

UK is already out. Is it possible to see Italy, France, Ireland and Greece out of EU? In that case 2 of the 3 big founding members, 3 of 4 EU’s largest economies and 5 out of the 10 first members will be out. It is very possible if an alternative economic bloc exists or is prepared. It is unlikely that this will happen if there is no alternative. Here is an example below of how this could be done. More countries from other regions could be added.

Alternative to EU 12.903.722
 United Kingdom 2.829.163
 Canada 1.739.110
 Norway 427.041
 Ireland 381.571
 Australia 1.417.003
 New Zealand 210.475
 France 2.761.633
 Italy 2.025.866
 Israel 381.569
 Czech Republic 246.161
 Greece 219.097
 Lebanon 58.281
 Slovenia 55.088
 Serbia 52.424
 Cyprus 24.638
 Bosnia  20.152
 Albania 15.960
 North Macedonia 12.884
 Moldova 12.037
 Kosovo 8.126
 Montenegro 5.443
New EU 9.939.696
Germany 3.963.880
Netherlands 914.003
Sweden 547.123
Belgium 531.813
Austria 457.637
Denmark 349.524
Finland 276.572
Luxembourg 69.634
Iceland 24.544
Spain 1.429.140
Portugal 239.473
 Malta 15.134
 Poland 593.295
 Hungary 168.778
 Slovakia 109.863
 Bulgaria 67.044
 Croatia 61.252
 Lithuania 54.240
 Latvia 35.721
 Estonia 31.026
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