A new economic bloc example

We have already shown some tables as an example of the new economic bloc. What we describe below is only an example and it does not have to be like this at all. There is a number of many different ways it can go.

What matters is that; 1) ultra-globalists are stopped from forming a World Fascist regime 2) independent nations cooperate and coordinate for economic advancement 3) one or more new economic blocs of independent countries are created that are approximately equal with new EU in terms of GDP 4) an alternative globalization model is sought 5) english speaking countries lead the alternative globalization 6) a new Yalta agreement is made

There will be three tiers and a two stage process. It will consist of parts, divisions, or fractions. We gave examples of divisions. 1) UK, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Canada 2) Balkans and East Med 4) Turkey and countries eastwards 5) Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries 6) … 7) …

Europena Unification is a Western Europe endeavour that stems frome the Crusades. During the Crusades the French were more active and then were Germans and Italians, in that order. Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean were in Byzantine empire and were neutral in the Crusades. In some Crusades they were with the Crusaders and in some others against them. So Balkans and East Med should be seperate from Western Europe. 

Another division could be Turkey and countries eastwards. Some of them are mostly inhabited by Turkic peoples. Turkey wants to play a role. They should be looking to the east. That is where they came from and Turkic people live. Another part could be Saudi Arabia with other Arab countries. Turkey and Russia should be somewhat happy, not a lot, a little bit. Otherwise they may cause trouble. An alternative could be war. That is also a solution. A mini war of a few days may put things in the right place. 

There are some countries that is not certain in what side they will be, like Syria, Italy, Hungary. Syria has a very long way to go until taking a place in a certain division. Italy will probably be with the Crusaders. It was part of the Axis during World War II. Hungary can go with the Crusaders, the Byzantines or the Northeastern European division, if it is formed.

Now, someone may argue that having immigrants from eastern Europe was one of the reasons that UK voters chose to leave EU or that being in the same Union with Turks is their worst nightmare. Cameron has sent controversial messages. On a visit to Turkey, he said that he UK strongly supports Turkey’s membership. Before the referendum he claimed that Turkey will not be a member of EU until the year 3000. It is a little bit of both. Perhaps he would like Turkey to be a member of EU but realizes British voters’ resentment to that idea.

The new economic bloc will be nothing like EU. Britain will be independent as the voters chose and it will control its’ borders. We are only talking about preferential economic relations. UK is looking for trading partners in remote places of the planet. Why not choose some that are closer? EU was the problem, not Turkey. Additioanaly if a Pentarchy or an Exarchy is formed, Turkey or Eastern European countries may be in a different bloc.

Trump is right when he says “America first”. The US President is elected from US voters and he should be looking after their interests. The same is true for other countries. UK Prime Minister should put UK first, German Chancellor should put Germany first, French President should put France first. Otherwise things get confusing and go wrong. On the other hand, we believe that some cooperation and coordination is necessary. Off course we are completely against EU model. We believe that it is a disaster.

A coordinating body would be very helpful in the new economic bloc. It will take a look of the bloc as a whole and have a mediating role. We are not talking anything like EU bureaucracy which is a great example to avoid. US may not even be inside the new economic bloc but next to it and very close

Now, it does not have to be one bloc, it could be two or more. The divisions could be separate blocs or they could start as separate blocs and in the near or very long future somehow converge. There are endless possibilities.

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