A more interesting proposal

In a Pentarchy we created 12 somewhat homogeneous regions with GDP’s ranging from 1,5 trillion dollars to 3,5 trillion dollars. In addition, there was Japan and a small group in Northern Atlantic (UK, Ireland, Norway, Canada) with economic size equal to Japan’s. So we had 12 + 2 = 14 building blocs to form 2 - 4 new economic blocs. What was left out was the Triarchy, (USA, China, WEU) that had 55% of World output. EU was confined in Western Europe only. As we have said the possibilities are endless and we can not show all of them because it will take hundreds of pages. We will present another alternative that we left for last. This is an internal matter in the Crusaders camp. It is up to them to decide if this will happen.

All Eastern Europe was out of EU in the example we gave in a Pentarchy. The country with most problems in EU, Greece, is in Balkan and East Med region. Greece is not the only country with problems. All southern European countries have problems, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Even France has problems. As it can be seen in the map, France has a part that is towards the South on the Mediterranean Sea and a part that is towards North. France and Germany had formed an axis that dominated EU. French are dissatisfied because Germans pushed them away from a dominant role. One very smart thing to do is to divide Western EU in divisions. We do not care about this much because to the outside world it will be one Union with two divisions.

What is interesting to us is if WEU splits into two. This is an even more interesting proposal than the example in a Pentarchy. We put Luxemburg and Belgium with France and in this way we have Latin and Germanic Western EU. We put Switzerland with the Germanic Western EU although currently it is not an EU member. The names refer to the languages spoken but often this implies the origin of people. Culturally French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese are close. The same is true for the countries in the Germanic Region. In this way we created two more homogeneous regions in Western EU.

They are also equal in economic size which is slightly higher compared to Japan and Northern Atlantic Region. Now we have 4 large building blocs ( Northern Atlantic, Latin WEU, Germanic WEU, Japan) that have approximately the same size. We also have 12 smaller building blocs that range between 1,5 trillion and 3,5 trillion. These can be combined into many different ways to form 3-5 new economic blocs in addition to USA and China.

Latin WEU could go with Balkans & East Med and Germanic WEU with Northeastern Europe. Or it could be the other way around. All the divisiond in one bloc do not have to be right next to each other. Northeastern Atlantic (UK, Ireland, Canada, Norway) could go with Australia and New Zealand. Another possibility is that regions are left as is. We are not saying that it is better but that it is possible. Probably the best would be to form economic blocs with a size that ranges between China’s and USA’s. Combinations are really very many, tens or even hundreds.

Here is an example of two possible economic blocs being formed from regions (look Table in A Pentarchy).

1) Northern Atlantic - Pacific Anglosaxons - Latin Western EU - Balkans & East Med  GDP = 15.438.987

2) Germanic Western Union - Northeastern Europe - Japan   GDP = 15.328.013

In both cases we have mostly advanced regions. Balkans & East Med with Northeastern Europe are a little behind but stil somewhat close to the rest, relatively to other regions of the World, in terms of economic advancement. Another way is to have regions of all economic levels. Here is one example. 

Northern Atlantic - Pacific Anglosaxons - Balkans & East Med - Indian Peninsula - Non Arab Africa GDP = 13.796.653

If such as thing happens (creation of economic blocs fron regions), it should be seen as the final destination that could be reached in a few or several decades. It is not easy to implement such a global scale endeavor ASAP. There is no guarantee that it would be a success. It could be but also it may prove a major disaster like EU. It is better not to rush and take things slowly. As we have said we could start with Case 1 or 2 ASAP in a new economic bloc and have a dynamic approach.

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 United States 21.344.667
 China 14.216.503
Western EU 14.347.976
Germanic Western EU 7.275.283
Germany 3.963.880
Netherlands 914.003
Switzerland 742.000
 Sweden 547.123
Austria 457.637
 Denmark 349.524
 Finland 276.572
 Iceland 24.544
Latin Western EU 7.072.693
 France 2.761.633
 Italy 2.025.866
 Spain 1.429.140
 Belgium 531.813
 Portugal 239.473
 Luxembourg 69.634
 Malta 15.134
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