Fifth Way - Final Ideology

The central theme is the creation of a new ideology by combining elements of existing ideologies. Ιt also deals with other issues like globalization, immigration, economic development, free trade, political change. At the core of a political ideology is an economic system. So, more attention was given to the economic aspect. A political ideology is a lot more than an economic system. It has sociological and philosophical aspects and those are examined as well but to a lesser extent.

It is addressed to the average reader who can read the business section of a newspaper or economic and business magazines. It is not a scientific book but it gives some guide lines on practical matters. Use of technical terms was inevitable. It is no more technical than a business or economics magazine.

For the most part it deals with explaining, clarifying and informing. This is absolutely necessary since there is a lot of confusion, misconception and ignorance. The purpose is that readers form of refine their own ideology. It is also making some suggestions that are common sense conclusions.  Probably a lot or readers will agree with those. Even for those who do not agree because their reasoning is different, most part of the book will be extremely beneficial.

  • Table 1     GDP and GDP per capita (nominal and ppp).
  • Table 2     Taxes as % of GDP, Gini coefficient %, US States GDP.
  • Table 3      Government expenditure, revenue, difference as GDP %.
  • Table 4     Percentage of employees working in public sector.  Public social spending as % of GDP.
  • Table 5     Population and World % of countries.
  • Table 6     Area of countries.
  • Table 7     Four cases of a Tetrarchy
  • Table 8     A Pentarchy