Fifth Way - Final Ideology

The central theme is the creation of a new ideology by combining elements of existing ideologies. Ιt also deals with other issues like globalization, immigration, economic development, free trade, political change. At the core of a political ideology is an economic system. So, more attention was given to the economic aspect. A political ideology is a lot more than an economic system. It has sociological and philosophical aspects and those are examined as well but to a lesser extent.

It is addressed to the average reader who can read the business section of a newspaper or economic and business magazines. It is not a scientific book but it gives some guide lines on practical matters. Use of technical terms was inevitable. It is no more technical than a business or economics magazine.

For the most part it deals with explaining, clarifying and informing. This is absolutely necessary since there is a lot of confusion, misconception and ignorance. The purpose is that readers form of refine their own ideology. It is also making some suggestions that are common sense conclusions.  Probably a lot or readers will agree with those. Even for those who do not agree because their reasoning is different, most part of the book will be extremely beneficial.

Web - mag - book

The original intention was for a printed book. Free web publication of a more condensed version is possible with sponsoring from Nice Globalization.  People all over the world can have instant access at no cost. Additional funding may be sought from other sponsors, advertisers and voluntary donations.

Since it is not easy to read books on the internet as with printed books, I tried to make it as condensed as possible. I added a small modification, it is a web-mag-book. Web because it is posted on the internet and mag (magazine) because instead of chapters it is made of articles that are published periodically. Like in a book, concepts and ideas build up slowly. So, it would be better if the articles are read in order.

The articles are shorter compared to chapters. It is not easy to read 3000 - 4000 words chapters on line. I aim at 500-1000 words although there may be exceptions. This characteristic and the fact that are published periodically makes reading on the web much easier.

Constantine Diamand

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Tables are public since they were obtained from public sources.

  • Table 1     GDP and GDP per capita (nominal and ppp).
  • Table 2     Taxes as % of GDP, Gini coefficient %, US States GDP.
  • Table 3      Government expenditure, revenue, difference as GDP %.
  • Table 4     Percentage of employees working in public sector.  Public social spending as % of GDP.
  • Table 5     Population and World % of countries.
  • Table 6     Area of countries.
  • Table 7     Four cases of a Tetrarchy
  • Table 8     A Pentarchy